Mi Momento Dance Academy Wien – Team
Dance – is the language of our soul and our passion, making us move forward every day, keeping us in the moment.


Hello and welcome to an amazing world full of dancing, positivity and gorgeous music!
We are delighted to introduce and guide you towards this magic!

Our target is to make you become a dancer as fast as possible
and for this we want to share our vast knowledge with you.

Our studio features various dance instructors from all over the world – all in one place!
This gives you the opportunity to choose a method and dance style(s) that suit you best
and find your favorite dance instructor(s), who will be perfect for YOU!

Discover a new world
full of amazing moments and happy people!



Why dancing?

Through dance you can find your own way of self-expression!

Our dance instructors pay attention to the strenghts and personalities of every single student.
They will help you develop your personal ways of expression in dance
and provide you with the tools for it.

Dancing will give you much more self confidence –
which everyone around you will perceive.

After a dance class you will feel the self satisfaction of achievement –
and of course it’s all about the joy of moving with the music,
which additionally trains your body and mind to be strong and in good shape!

Dancing is exactly that moment,
when you connect with the music,
yourself and your dance partner – all at the same time!

Let’s create this moment together!


Enjoy watching our dance instructors
Kate, Michael, Veronika and Alessandro dancing Salsa NY-Style (On2).

Veronika, Alessandro, Kate, Michael and Nushin,
performing Salsa NY-Style Shines! (choreographed footwork)

We are the only place in Vienna
where you can find all Salsa Dance Styles under one roof:
Salsa LA-Style, Salsa NY-Style, Salsa Cali, Salsa Cuban-Style,

and lots of other amazing dance styles,
like Bachata, Kizomba and Tango Argentino!

Check our timetable
to find out which dance classes are available this month!

Note – Our programme changes every month, so always stay updated!

If you want to suggest a topic for a class
or want to learn a special technique, please contact us anytime!
We love your feedback!