About US
Dance – is the language of our soul and our passion, making us move forward every day, keeping us in the moment.


We are a team of dancers who found
each other from all over the world!

Our passion for dancing brought us
together and helped us find a new and warm-hearted family in Vienna.

We would love to share our passion
for these magical moments with you,
that we find in dance!

Our history started at the Mi Manera
Dance Studio in 2014 and we recently made our evolution to the Mi Momento Dance Academy.

“My Way” evolved to “My Moment” – and it’s all about living in that special moment!
Living in the here and now is the most important.

Dancing is exactly that moment,
when you connect with the music,

yourself and your dance partner –
all at the same time!

You become one
with your surroundings and the crowd.

You feel one with the world,
while creating this particular moment –
this is the goal!

Because this moment is invaluable.

Let’s create this moment together!

This Dance Choreography made us a team – Dancers: Kate, Veronika, Alessandro, Nushin and Ellie

Dancing in the streets of Vienna on a sunny day is pure joy!
Dancers from our team: Veronika, Alessandro, Kate, Michael and Nushin

Stay updated with all our videos on our
YouTube Channel:

Dance in Vienna