Kizomba is the name of a dance style as well as music style, that was created in Angola in the early 1980s. It is also performed in other lusophone African countries, in Europe and the USA. It is known for having a slow, insistent, somewhat harsh, yet sensuous rhythm as result of the electronic percussion….


Semba is a dance style and music, originating from Angola, from which Kizomba developed later on. It is very popular in social live in Angola until today, it’s music being played on parties as well as funerals. It’s name derives from the word “Massemba”, meaning “belly touching”, and refers to the closeness of this dance…

Urban Kizomba

Urban Kizomba, also calles “UrbanKiz” developed from traditional Kizomba since about 1980, being shaped by Angolan and european dancers and gaining a lot of popularity trough social media. This dance style evolved, incorporating influences from Ghetto-Zouk, R’n’B, Rap, Dance and Hip Hop. It is