In partnering, the lead can decide whether to perform in open, semi-closed or closed position. Dance moves or step variety strongly depend on the music (such as the rhythms played by the different instruments), setting, mood, and interpretation. Unlike salsa, bachata dance does not usually include many turn patterns. The name Urban Bachata comes becasue of the music.

In Germany, the most successful bachata piece to date was the song Obsesión by the group Aventura, which also contains R&B and pop elements and was number 1 on the Media Control singles chart in September 2004. Toby Love, who once belonged to Aventura, also mixed his bachata elements with R&B and crunk. This style of bachata music is also called bachata-urban and also contains influences from hip-hop and reggaeton. In 2020, a bachata with the simple title Bachata, in which Kay One and Cristobal (singer) are involved, made it into the German charts for the first time.

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